There are two ways in which you can access securities brokerage services:
1. Traditional Broker Service - This leverages on the services of a stockbroker, an investment professional who will buy and sell stocks on his/her clients' behalf.
2. Online Trading Service - Clients can place their orders and facilitate payments electronically in a self-directed manner. Our real-time online trading system is available in 2 languages - Thai and English. It offers a very easy and intuitive platform for clients to make their trading decisions in a fast and simple manner.
    ●   Computer PC/ Notebook        
Streaming Pro (Real-time Trading Program) System Requirements
CPU Intel® Pentium® III, AMD Athion™ or above
RAM Minimum 512 MB
Internet Connection High speed ADSL internet is recommended
Wild Screen =1260*650 (ratio 1.93) is recommended
Terminal Screen =1260*957 (ratio 1.31)
Operating System (OS) Window XP, Window 7,Vista
Web browser Internet Browser that supports Flash Player for iFISX such as Internet Explorer (IE 6.0 or above), and for Streaming such as Mozilla Firefox.
Flash Player Version 11.1 or above
Streaming Pro compatible to both Windows and MAC or with Flash-installed browser
for example, Internet Explorer (IE6.0+), Mozilla Firefox or even a Wide Screen monitor
Streaming Pro consists of the following 7 main menus: 
1. Market Watch 
Provides an overall picture of Market Summary, and real-time price ticker updates with top 3 or 5 Bids and Offers for both equities and derivatives.
2. Click
A new display for securities order-making by accessing the “click” menu to send in orders, making buying and selling securities even more convenient for you.

3. Portfolio
Displays customer's portfolio with profit/loss calculations in numbers and charts.

4. Bids/ Offers
Displays the top 3 or 5 Buy and Sell prices of the moment with charts for both equities and derivatives. Customers can create their own favorite Bids/Offers lists for convenient access.
5. Ticker
Displays real-time prices for both equities and derivatives, and can also be customized for personal preferences.
6. Quote
Displays basic information and fundamental data of individual equities and derivatives.
7. News
Displays overall news and information related to the equity and derivatives markets. News articles are categorized and can be easily referenced.

8. Research
Displaying the latest research papers straight from UOBKH.
9. Settings  
Displays basic configurations e.g. password change, system preferences, glossary, order status, etc.
      •   Save Pin
      •   Auto-fill Price (System will automatically select the best buy/sell price)
      •   Last Order (The last order will remain after market closure)
      •   Confirm Pop up (Displays a confirmation screen when placing orders)