E-Trading Overview

With rapid technological advancements, our company has been dedicated in providing various investment alternatives in satisfying our clients' needs through trading online and via smartphones and tablets in real time. Our clients can trade equities and derivatives online at www.utrade.co.th quickly and easily at anytime of the day. With real-time streamig, customers can access the trading system from anywhere in the world immediately via your smartphone or tablet operating on the iOS or Android operating system with lower commission rates compared to broker-assisted trading.
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2. iFIS X

UOBKH also provides our clients exclusively with technical and fundamental analyses by our professional analysts.
Customers can trade directly via the two programs below:
Furthermore, our customers can access further information via www.efinancethai.com for free!

Types of Securities Trading Accounts
There are 4 types of trading accounts, as follows:

1. Cash Account allows investors to purchase shares within a credit limit given by UOBKH. The credit limit is determined by the investors’ credit standing. Investors are required to deposit 20% worth of collateral (cash or securities) to UOBKH prior to trading. The settlement date is 3 working days (T+3) after the trading date.

2. Cash Balance Account is a trading account in which investors are required to deposit the full amount as collateral (100%), in cash, prior to trading. There is no determination of credit limit for this type of trading account; the amount available for trading depends on the amount deposited by the investors. Cash deposited will receive interest at a rate announced by UOBKH and interest is calculated daily based on the investors’ outstanding balance. However, this type of trading account will see immediate deduction or addition to the trading account balance when selling or buying shares, respectively.
In the event that you wish to withdraw cash from your trading account(s), you will need to fill in the Money Withdrawal form and send the form to your marketing officer before 11.00 AM. The money will be transferred to your preferred bank account indicated on the Money Withdrawal form, effective on the next working day.
(UOBKH will consider whether the amount requested to be withdrawn by you can be withdrawn in full. This consideration depends on whether the securities bought have been paid for (deducted from the cash balance) i.e. whether T+3 has lapsed. For example, if the amount you wish to withdraw results in the cash balance remaining in the trading account to be unable to fulfill the outstanding payments due on T+3, UOBKH will not be able to transfer the full amount to you)

3. Credit Balance Account or Margin Loan Account is a trading account in which cash is loaned from the broker in the buying of securities. The amount that can be loaned is subjected to a credit limit determined by the proportion loanable of each security. Investors have to deposit cash and/or mortgage securities as collateral with a minimum value equal to the Initial Margin (IM) determined by UOBKH. Cash deposited as collateral in excess of the loaned amount will receive interest at a rate announced by UOBKH. While interest has to be paid if the cash deposited is less than the loaned amount.

4. Derivatives Trading Account is used in the trading of futures in the TFEX market. Investors have to deposit cash as collateral according to the official rate determined by the FI club before every trade. This type of trading account is similar to the cash balance trading account in which the amount available to the investors for trading depends on the amount deposited by the investors.