eFin Mobile

efin Mobile With only a simple click, efin Mobile is ready for you to discover more information of “stocks” as ever before. In addition, it also has “Graph” function with more than 50 indicators provided with a modern concept to discover your favorite stocks easily by your finger-tip. However, this is just the beginning stage because if you have tried efin Mobile function a step further, you will discover innovations penetrated in all levels.

An innovative design that adds to your identity

Even though innovation is not always visible with naked eyes but if you try to consider efin Mobile a bit more clearly and deeply, you will see the innovation that has been developed from fundamental both in terms of the program itself and the user’s solutions together with the Profile picture that allows you to show your identity.

The Hot Hit stocks of the Market

Only a touch by your finger tip on this screen, you will never be out of trend from the hot hit stocks for the current period and still be able to select the hot hit rating stocks to view in the format you preferred.

The Heart of technical-oriented investors

We not only give importance on the various details and Indicators but also concern on the flexible displays both vertically and horizontally in order to create more comfortable view to the users as well.

More than 15 years of EFinance Thai news agency more confidence on professionalism

Efinance Thai news agency has been providing reliable news from trusted sources which we believe the investors will receive the greatest benefits.

Support on iOS & Android Operating System

IOS & Android are the operating systems that can run the efin Mobile Program as the program was designed to be supported on these two operating systems and modified to be able to work most efficiently. Moreover, if the investors are looking for stock analysis software on iOS & Android, efin Mobile which was also created to fully utilize the various services of iOS & Android is the solution.

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