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Date Topic
07/08/2020 LPN : 2Q20: Earnings Have Bottomed Out And Should Gradually see Recovery
07/08/2020 HMPRO : Stock Valuation Is Very Demanding Despite Strong Earnings Recovery In 2021; Downgrade To HOLD
07/08/2020 BH : 2Q20: Lower Than Earnings Estimate
07/08/2020 ADVANC : 2Q20: Results Are Better Than Our And Consensus Estimates By 7%
07/08/2020 Electronics : Resilience Amid COVID-19
06/08/2020 CPN : 2Q20 Results Preview: Earnings To Have Bottomed Out In 2Q20
06/08/2020 THCOM : 2Q20: Results Beat Estimates On One-Time Compensation Income
05/08/2020 BTS : To Post A Tiny Profit, Prefer BEM Over BTS
05/08/2020 BBL : Improving Earnings Momentum In 2H And Undemanding Valuation
03/08/2020 TTCL : 1Q20: Loss From Core Operation
31/07/2020 IVL : 2Q20 Results Preview: Expect Slim Net Losses, But A Bottoming Out In The Quarter
31/07/2020 AMATA : Raising Capital For Myanmar Project
31/07/2020 PTTEP : 2Q20: Sharp yoy And qoq Decline In Core Earnings. Outlook Remains Sluggish; Switch To PTT And PTTGC.
31/07/2020 Property : 2Q20 Results Preview: Earnings To Have Hit A Bottom For The Year
30/07/2020 KTC : Poor 2020 Earnings Outlook; 2021 Earnings Likely To Be Worse
30/07/2020 PTT : 2Q20 Results Preview: Flat qoq, But We Foresee Strong Earnings Improvement In 2H20; Upgrade To BUY
30/07/2020 SCC : 2Q20: Strong Results As Expected, But Earnings Set To Decline In 2H20
29/07/2020 DELTA : 2Q20: Far Exceeds Expectation: Upgrade from HOLD To BUY
29/07/2020 Banking : The Dust Has Not Yet Settled
24/07/2020 STEC : Looking For Good Earnings Growth In 2021
24/07/2020 GFPT : 2Q20 Results Preview: Earnings Would Be The Bottom Of This Year
24/07/2020 DELTA : 2Q20 Results Preview: Earnings To Grow Despite The COVID-19 Pandemic
23/07/2020 TMB : Concentrating On Loan Quality And Balance Sheet Optimisation
22/07/2020 SCB : The Dust Has Yet To Settle

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